Drive systems from maxon set to power inspection robots

The Obwalden-based company maxon motor has entered into a partnership with ANYbotics, a start-up located in Zurich. To this end, maxon will supply drive systems for the four-legged robot ANYmal, which should be used to conduct industrial system inspections in future.

Eugen Elmiger, CEO maxon Group and Peter Fankhauser, CEO ANYbotics.
Eugen Elmiger, CEO maxon Group and Peter Fankhauser, CEO ANYbotics. Image Credit: ANYbotics

The drive systems developed by maxon motor ag are used, among other applications, in space probes, for example. In this context, they have already flow to Mars on several occasions. As part of a new partnership, the drive systems from the Obwalden-based company are now to be installed in the ANYmal robot developed by the Zurich-based start-up ANYbotics, as detailed in a press release.

ANYmal is a four-legged robot that can see, hear and move around in challenging environments. In future, it is set to be used to inspect and monitor industrial systems, in addition to carrying out hazardous maintenance operations. Within the framework of a test project, the robot has already worked in the sewer systems beneath Zurich on an independent basis.

The partnership between maxon motor and ANYbotics should help to drive forward the industrialization and commercialization of the ANYmal robot. According to the information available, each robot will be equipped with a total of 12 maxon drive systems.

“In maxon, we have found the ideal partner for taking care of our drive technology as we transition from small series to mass production”, comments Péter Fankhauser, CEO of ANYbotics. He adds: “With maxon’s expertise and infrastructure, we will be able to further optimize a core element of our robots and access state-of-the-art production methods”.

ANYbotics is a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). Within the framework of this partnership, maxon motor ag, which is headquartered in Sachseln in the canton of Obwalden, is seeking to position itself closer to both ANYbotics and ETH Zurich, as well as the University of Zurich. In this context, the company is opening a new laboratory in Zurich.

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