Matériaux Sabag printing concrete elements

The Jura-based company Matériaux Sabag is now using a 3D printing solution to produce its concrete elements. This approach allows the customized prefabrication of parts and a reduction in carbon emissions. For this, the construction materials specialist deploys a solution from Mobbot.

Robot that allows the construction of three-dimensional concrete structures.
Matériaux Sabag now also produces concrete elements using 3D printing. Image Credit: Matériaux Sabag

Matériaux Sabag is expanding its range to include a 3D printing solution for concrete elements. Since the end of September, the company based in Delémont has been using a robot that produces 3D printed elements using sprayed concrete. The concrete elements can consequently be tailored to specific requirements in prefabrication. The solution also enables the use of raw materials from local sources, as the company explained in a press release. The carbon footprint is up to 30 percent smaller. “We will be able to respond to time-sensitive requests and offer our customers greater flexibility, tailored to the requirements of the construction sites,” said Cédric Theubet, Operations Manager at Matériaux Sabag.

The Jura-based construction materials specialist has become the first company in Switzerland to deploy the solution from Mobbot. The startup from Fribourg is developing robotic platforms for 3D concrete printing. Its 3D printer for concrete elements does not need custom molds and requires only minimal manual labor. Mobbot was founded by Agnès Petit in 2018 and now has 11 employees.

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