ChemAxon establishes subsidiary in Basel

ChemAxon develops software for application in the chemicals and biopharma industries. Now, the Hungarian company has established a subsidiary in Basel. The customer base and economic conditions were cited as reasons for the choice of location.

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The Hungarian company ChemAxon has established the ChemAxon GmbH subsidiary in Basel. The software company chose Basel on account of the connection to customers in the chemicals and biopharma industries as well as the economic conditions. In setting up the new location, it was supported by Basel Area Business & Innovation, the investment and innovation promotion agency.

“During the evaluation process and after the incorporation period I was really impressed with all the support and help ChemAxon and I received from BaselArea Business & Innovation,” explains Annamaria Kovacs, the Basel-based representative of ChemAxon.

With headquarters in Budapest, ChemAxon also has offices in the USA, Prague and Asia. Worldwide, ChemAxon has 150 employees. The company’s software products help to accelerate and enhance scientific discovery and collaboration. The solutions are tailored to the requirements of customers in the chemicals and biopharma sectors.

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