Switzerland has the third-strongest brand in the world

According to a new report from Brand Finance, Switzerland boasts the third-strongest national brand in the world. The country also performs well in an international comparison of the most valuable national brands.

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The UK consultancy firm Brand Finance has published a report in which it has again examined the brand strength of different countries. With an overall score of 82.9 points, Switzerland took third place in the global rankings. The country is therefore ranked in front of the USA (82.8 points) and Canada (81.7 points), with only the UK (83 points) and Germany (84.9 points) placing ahead of Switzerland.

Switzerland scores well for soft power

The evaluation of brand strength is based, among other factors, on the data obtained from the Soft Power Index of Brand Finance. For this, a total of 55,000 people from more than 100 countries are surveyed on the reputation on countries and their influence on the international stage. Countries with high overall scores are to be regarded as particularly attractive for investment, according to Brand Finance. In addition, they can market their brands and products with greater ease. In the Soft Power Index 2020, Switzerland was ranked in 8th position.

Stable economy strengthens national brands

In addition to data from the Soft Power Index, the political and economic stability of the individual nations is also taken into consideration for the rankings. To this end, the credit rating for long-dated sovereign bonds is analyzed. In this regard, the AAA- rating of Switzerland pays testament to its reputation as a reliable and stable debtor.  

Brand Finance not only examined the brand strength of nations but also the value of these national brands. For these rankings, Switzerland placed in 15th position, with the USA ranked in top spot here.

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