Lucerne researcher awarded EU grant

Mira Burri is the first researcher at the University of Lucerne to be awarded a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council. The grant of €1.6 million will allow her to advance her research into the flow of data in global trade.

Mira Burri.
Mira Burri. Image Credit: University of Lucerne

Mira Burri is a senior lecture at the University of Lucerne. She has been awarded a grant of €1.6 million by the European Research Council (ERC) to continue her research project entitled Trade Law 4.0 over the next five years, as the university reported in a press release. Her project is exploring the relevance of the significantly increased data flows on global trade law.

The increased data traffic in global trade throws up problems when it comes to liability for cross-border data flows. According to the press release, it is important to strike the right balance between data control and the safeguarding of privacy. Mira Burri will focus on three aspects in the context of the project. She will assess the effect of the digital transformation on domestic and foreign regulation by looking at existing trade agreements. Second, she will explore the intensified efforts to create tools for tackling the regulatory dilemma posed by higher levels of data flows. The third focus will be the development of a draft global trade law.

“My hope is that over the next five years, we play an active role in defining the potential and limitations of trade law as a tool for facilitating further digital innovation while at the same time safeguarding the protection of fundamental rights that are affected by digital business.”

The University of Lucerne hopes that Burri’s grant will inspire others to continue their research projects at the university. “For research at the University of Lucerne, Dr Mira Burri’s ERC Consolidator Grant is a big win,” said Alexander Trechsel, Vice Rector for Research.

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