The canton of Valais launches the Swiss Digital Center

In an effort to bring together all the expertise in the fields of education, research and the economy under one roof to tackle the challenges of digital transformation, a partnership agreement has been signed by various stakeholders of the canton of Valais, creating the Swiss Digital Center.

Swiss Digital Center
The Swiss Digital Center will be located on the site of the Techno-pôle in Sierre, with the aim of supporting the canton of Valais’ economy in its digital transition.

The government of Valais, the city of Sierre, the Ark Foundation, the Techno-pôle of Sierre and the HES-SO Valais-Wallis have signed a partnership agreement in order to set up a center of interdisciplinary expertise in the field of digital transformation.

The Swiss Digital Center (SDC), which will be located on the site of the Techno-pôle in Sierre, aims to create a value chain bringing together education, research and innovation.

The project participants have agreed on the common intention to consolidate skills and carry out projects in areas of strategic importance for the canton of Valais for the benefit of its companies, public authorities and citizens.

The areas identified as strategic are industry 4.0, tourism, energy, resources and land management, health, sport and performance as well as education.

An ecosystem dedicated to supporting the economy in its digital transition

The creation of this new ecosystem of skills is mainly aimed at supporting local businesses and creating an environment conducive to the development of new technologies and continuing education to support the economy in the digital transition.

The objective of the Swiss Digital Center will be to make the most of the potential of digitization to retain the best talent through the quality and diversity of the jobs created, and to attract new talent and companies.

The canton of Valais will consequently position itself nationally and internationally as a recognized player in the field of digital training, development and digital services.

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