Bluetector hopes to expand with manure treatment plant

Bluetector has put its first commercial plant into operation in Germany, converting manure into water. Now the AgTech company based in Technopark Lucerne hopes to bring its plant to the US market.

Manure treatment plant.
Image Credit: Bluetector

At the end of 2020, Bluetector put its first commercial manure treatment plant into operation at a pig farm in Germany. There, around 60 metric tons of pig manure are handled per day and turned into water.

According to a press release, the plant relies on a biological process without the addition of chemicals or carbon sources. The liquid nitrogen contained in the manure is converted into atmospheric nitrogen. The wastewater only contains traces of nitrogen and phosphorus so is suitable for irrigation. 

Previous biological processes to treat manure had lower nitrogen degradation rates, meaning that only 100 square meters of waste liquid could be spread over a hectare. In contrast, up to 1,300 square meters of waste liquid can be used to irrigate one hectare using Bluetector’s new process.

Although manure is a valuable fertilizer in limited amounts, according to Bluetector there is currently so much manure that it has become a global environmental issue. Thanks to the company’s technology, farms no longer need to organize expensive removal of their manure. Furthermore, it is an environmentally friendly way to create irrigation water, which has become increasingly scarce and expensive over recent years.

David Din, Founder and CEO of Bluetector, says: “Our BlueBox enables livestock farms and [CAFOs] to easily convert their manure into water using our low-cost bioreactor without the need for expensive and maintenance-intensive processes such as evaporation or reverse osmosis.”

After the successful installation of the first plant in Germany, Bluetector now hopes to penetrate other markets. Din says that the company is currently seeking partners to expand into the USA.

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