Tilbago simplifies credit check processes

The Lucerne-based start-up Tilbago has launched a solution that simplifies the process of obtaining credit reports. It is aimed at real estate and credit portals. Tilbago developed this solution together with PostFinance. The bank also holds a stake in the start-up.

With its new product Tilbago CredRep, Tilbago is seeking to make it easier to obtain information in relation to credit checks. Image Credit: Tilbago

The Lucerne-based start-up Tilbago specializes in digital debt collection solutions. It has now brought to market a new product named Tilbago CredRep, which according to a press release, is an end-to-end digital solution that deals with the process of obtaining credit reports. According to Oliver Wolf, Chief Operating Officer at Tilbago, this innovative solution is a “service for which customer demand exists and that we have met by using cutting-edge technology”.

Tilbago CredRep is aimed at operators of real estate portals and credit portals in addition to software solution providers, who will all be able to integrate Tilbago CredRep in their existing platforms before offering the solution to their customers. Thereafter, the customers are able to order debt collection register extracts in fully digital fashion.

Another advantage of Tilbago CredRep is also that the CreditTrust certificate has been integrated in the solution. In contrast to debt collection register extracts, the CreditTrust certificate is not restricted to the register of an individual authority, but rather includes “all available information throughout Switzerland”, the press release explains.

Tilbago developed its innovative solution in conjunction with the PFLab, the innovation lab of PostFinance, which is also an investor in Tilbago. “As an innovation participation of PostFinance, the PFLab is supporting Tilbago with the market development of existing products and services as well as the creation of new solutions”, comments Sergio Consonni from PFLab, in the press release.

Thanks to its connection with PostFinance, Tilbago has also already gained its first customer. As such, private individuals are from now on able to order digital debt collection register extracts on the SwissPost website.

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