Venture Kick awards 150,000 francs to matriq

The Venture Kick foundation has awarded the St.Gallen startup matriq kick funding of 150,000 Swiss francs. The technology created by matriq marks individual polymer components with a unique machine-readable watermark during production. This improves tracking.

matriq is receiving 150,000 francs in kick funding from Venture Kick.
matriq is receiving 150,000 francs in kick funding from Venture Kick. Generic Image: Pixabay

The St.Gallen startup matriq is receiving 150,000 francs in kick funding from Venture Kick. The funds will used by matriq to strengthen its sales team and advance DM-date, the first digital date stamp for plastics, as the venture capital initiative reported in a press release. The patented propriety matriq technology leaves an individual 2D-code on every product within milliseconds and during the primary forming process. This improves tracking and prevents counterfeiting. According to the press release, matriq’s target market for individual marking for traceability is estimated at €7 billion.

Unlike other marking techniques with labels or lasers, matriq technology is integrated inside the production machine, so needs no extra automation processes or bulky equipment outside of the machine. It connects to business software to attribute the necessary parameters. It also operates at lower costs and higher speed.

Venture Kick helps promising entrepreneurs from Swiss universities with start capital of up to 150,000 francs. The projects also benefit from business development workshops and investor contacts.

With the jury pitches, feedback and kickers camp, the Venture Kick experience helped matriq focus, explained Dr André Bernard, CEO and co-founder of matriq. “But most of all, Venture Kick brought us into contact with a rich network of seasoned entrepreneurs and experienced business angels – some also joined our investor line-up. I can definitely recommend it to all startups joining that great program.”

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