Metrohm releases new software

Metrohm has launched the latest version of its tiamo software. The automation of lab processes is made possible with this software solution. Version 3.0 is more powerful than the previous software.

Metrohm develops software, which allow for the automation of lab processes. Image Credit: Datamax/Public domain/Wikimedia Commons

Metrohm developed its tiamo software to control analysis devices and for database management processes. As tiamo allows users to control titrators, dosing devices and sample changers, the software facilitates complete automation of laboratory processes. Now, the manufacturer of high-precision devices and developer of relevant software solutions has launched tiamo 3.0, as detailed in a press release.

The first version of tiamo, which stands for ‘titration and more’, was launched as far back as 2004. Titration is a chemical analysis process that allows the concentration of a certain substances to be determined. The software developed by the manufacturing firm based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea allows this data to be stored and processed.

Version 3.0 offers a fundamental improvement in the performance of the software in addition to improved scalability, with the result that users can now carry out more comprehensive analyses. Moreover, the software has now been optimized for use on high-resolution screens.

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