Fribourg SME Medistri will sterilize 220 million Covid-19 vaccine vials

Using a special gas treatment, the Fribourg-based company Medistri suppresses all germs contained in the vials destined to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. The company expects to sterilize more than 220 million vials in 2021.

Medistry in Domdidier in the canton of Fribourg
In Domdidier, in the canton of Fribourg, Medistri plans to sterilize more than 220 million glass vials containing the Covid-19 vaccine this year. | Copyright Medistri

Medistri, a company based in the village of Domdidier in the canton of Fribourg, is active in the sterilization of medical devices - plasters, syringes, prostheses and other implants - and pharmaceutical products, including vials containing vaccine solutions.

Thanks to its gas sterilization technique that allows penetration through the packaging, Medistri has recently attracted the attention of the pharmaceutical industry for the mass sterilization of vials destined to contain the Covid-19 vaccines.

180 million vials of coronavirus vaccines for the Swiss and European market have already been processed at Medistri. According to estimates, the company, which is certified by Swissmedic, is expected to sterilize more than 220 million vials in 2021.

A strong attachment to the canton of Fribourg

Founded in 2006, Medistri has been constantly evolving. The company now employs more than 65 people and has recently invested CHF 8 million to double the capacity of its production plant. Despite its particularly high operating costs, the Fribourg-based SME has managed to make a place for itself in a niche already occupied by large multinationals.

Despite numerous acquisition offers, Medistri chooses to remain firmly rooted in the canton of Fribourg, thanks to its situation on the border of the Swiss languages, to remain close to professionals and industrials in the medical, pharmaceutical and health industries, as well as for its direct proximity to the cities of Bern and Geneva.

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