Exports to Egypt: ACI - new pre-registration system

Egyptian customs has introduced a new electronic system for the pre-registration of shipment information: the "Advanced Cargo Information (ACI)". The ACI is mandatory for all shipments arriving at Egyptian seaports from October 1, 2021. The test period for ACI for airfreight shipments has been prolonged until further notice.



Exporters who deliver goods to Egypt by sea must register in advance once with CargoX. After registration, the exporter must be verified, for which the exporter must pay an amount of USD 15.

As soon as a delivery is planned, the importer must enter the data using a proforma invoice in Nafeza. The system will then generate an ACID number within 48 hours. This number is available to both CargoX and Nafeza, via the communication channel between them.

All documents such as invoices, certificates of origin and shipping documents (B/L or AWB) must contain the ACID number. Deliveries arriving with shipping documents that have no ACID number will be rejected. It is therefore important to inform the forwarding agent and give them the number so they can note it on the shipping documents.

At least 48 hours before the arrival of the shipment in Egypt, the shipping documents must be uploaded by the exporter via CargoX. The uploaded documents should be sure to contain the ACID number. The uploading of documents is subject to a fee. For this purpose, a credit package must be purchased after successful registration, from which the corresponding amount is debited when the documents are uploaded.

Below you can find the relevant extract from the new Egyptian Customs Law. The full text and further regulations are published on the website of the Egyptian Customs Authorities, the customs fees on the portal Vetogate (arabic language only).

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