Canton Aargau planning strategic land acquisition

The state council of the canton of Aargau intends to buy land in Sisslerfeld in the Frick Valley. These plots of land will be developed and offered to companies. The cost of buying and developing is projected to total 28.5 million Swiss francs.

The Sisslerfeld in the Frick Valley.
The Sisslerfeld in the Frick Valley. Image Credit: Canton of Aargau

The revenue raising power of inhabitants and companies in the canton of Aargau is below-average by cantonal comparison, as the state council explained in a press release. It plans to help remedy this situation through strategic land acquisitions. Specifically, it aims to purchase around 67,500 sqm in the region around Sisslerfeld. According to the state council, Sisslerfeld in the Frick Valley is “the largest contiguous and zoned industrial area in North Western Switzerland”. 

The cost of buying the land is reportedly 21.5 million francs. Subsequent site development is projected to amount to a further 7 million francs. The canton then plans to offer plots to “high value-adding and profitable companies”, as the council revealed.

“Given the pilot nature of this plan, the state council wants to facilitate a broad political discussion on whether the canton should actively promote the development of sites by means of strategic land acquisitions,” said Director of Finance Markus Dieth (CVP) in the press release. The consultation period for the corresponding submission therefore opened on 18 May. For Rainer Schaub, these plans are a step in the right direction. The canton is “sending a very positive signal about land development and support for the region with this strategic land acquisition,” as the Sisseln mayor said in the press release.

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