Veriset puts modern furniture production plant into operation

Veriset has put into operation a modern plant for furniture production. The facility combines a series of functionalities previously spread across several different sites. Further production plants are set to follow. With this move, the kitchen manufacturing company is seeking to safeguard production in Switzerland.

Veriset owner Ueli Jost in front of the new production plant.
Veriset owner Ueli Jost (left) in front of the new production plant. Image credit: Versiset AG

Veriset is increasingly reliant on automation and digital control for its kitchen production processes. As the kitchen manufacturer headquartered in Root in the canton of Lucerne has now announced, over Easter it started operations at the first of four planned modern production plants. The plant, which measures 70 meters in length, is the first of its kind in Switzerland, the company proudly states, and combines edging and milling functionalities in addition to quality monitoring processes.

Ueli Jost, owner and CEO of Veriset, is seeking to safeguard the future of production in the high-wage country of Switzerland by implementing further automation. Employees will be relieved from tedious and monotonous work, instead focusing on more productive tasks. “Automation is only of use if it serves our employees and they are convinced by it, otherwise we will destroy the potential efficiency gain right from the outset”, Jost states in the press release.

However, customers will only feel the full benefit of these measures in the next three to four years, by which time the concept as a whole with its four new plants will have been realized. At this time, according to the press release, Veriset will have an even more flexible product range at its disposal.

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