Robots used to disinfect rooms

Three firms located in Central Switzerland joined forces to work on the development of a robot for the disinfection of rooms. The aseptobot has now been launched on the market. It is likely to be deployed in hospitals and hotels.

The aseptobot can disinfect rooms at the touch of a button.
The aseptobot can disinfect rooms at the touch of a button. Image credit: obs/Novapura AG/Michael Klauser

Aurovis AG from Alpnach in the canton of Obwalden, JATO Düsenbau AG from Lucerne and Novapura AG based in Rotkreuz in the canton of Zug have jointly developed the aseptobot, a robot that is now commercially available. It can be operated via cellphone to independently disinfect rooms, as detailed in a press release. The robot is also able to upload documentation related to the work carried out to the cloud.

Known as bio-decontamination, this process must be carried out in hospitals. According to Thomas Müller, owner of Novapura, until now this work has primarily been undertaken by external service providers. This is due to the fact that the process is “very time-consuming and requires a lot of PPE”. The robot now accelerates and simplifies this process. The press release additionally states that, in addition to hospitals, the aseptobot could also be used in hotels and municipal buildings.

According to information in the press release, the three companies started collaborating on the development of the robot prior to the onset of the coronavirus crisis. For this, they bundled their specialist areas of expertise. For example, Aurovis AG specializes in automation, robotics and image processing systems, while JATO Düsenbau AG is active in the field of nozzle manufacturing and regards itself as a specialist in EDM technology.  Novapura focuses on the development of innovations within the hygiene industry.

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