Pilatus launches new features on business jet

The aerospace manufacturer from Nidwalden Pilatus has developed new features for its PC-24 business jet. These resulted from customer feedback and include new seats and intelligent avionics software.

Pilatus has developed new functions for its PC-24 aircraft. Image credit: Pilatus Aircraft

Pilatus has developed new features for its PC-24 Super Versatile Jet on the basis of customer feedback from 50,000 hours of operation. They include new seats. According to a press release from Pilatus, the seats are lighter weight and fully recline to a lay-flat position. With quick-release mechanisms attaching them to the cabin floor, the seating configuration of the plane can also be quickly adapted to individual requirements.

The new features also include intelligent avionics software, which allows the pilot-in-command to “easily set up an autopilot and auto-throttle coupled visual approach to any runway”. The descent can be accurately tracked down to the runway threshold, a very useful feature for operations into smaller airports,

which the PC-24 is designed to use. It can also land on shorter remote runways. Compared with jets currently available on the market, it allows for landing  at almost twice as many airports. The business jet can therefore be used with great flexibility: in Australia and Alaska, for example, it is also used as an air ambulance. The PC-24 offers space for ten passengers.

Pilatus was founded in Stans in 1939 and is reportedly the only Swiss company to develop, build and sell aircraft on every continent. With more than 2,000 staff at the head office, Pilatus is one of the biggest employers in Central Switzerland.

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