Women’s health biopharmaceutical company ObsEva receives USD 500 million

ObsEva, a Geneva-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving women’s reproductive health, will receive up to USD 500 million for the licensing of its candidate ebopiprant.

Founded in 2012, ObsEva is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with the skills, experience, and backing to usher in a new era in women’s reproductive health.

ObsEva is a biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing novel therapies to improve women’s reproductive health and pregnancy.

Through strategic in-licensing and disciplined drug development, ObsEva has established a late-stage clinical pipeline with development programs focused on new therapies for the treatment of uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and preterm labor.

The company candidate, ebopiprant, is an investigational, orally active, selective prostaglandin receptor antagonist being evaluated as a potential treatment for preterm labor by reducing inflammation and uterine contractions.

If approved, ebopiprant has the potential to become a first-in-class innovation for this common and serious condition with no approved therapies for acute treatment of preterm labour in the United States.

By entering into an agreement with Organon, a global women’s health company, ObsEva will license the global development, manufacturing and commercial rights of ebopiprant. The Geneva-based company will receive up to USD 500 million, USD 25 million of which in upfront payment.

Organon intends to work with the scientific and medical communities and regulatory authorities in major markets, including the United States, to advance the clinical development and registration of ebopiprant.

Brian O’Callaghan, CEO of ObsEva, commented: "Organon is the ideal partner for the development and commercialization of ebopiprant and we see this agreement as an important step in advancing this investigational agent. Although preterm birth rates are on the rise, there are currently no other known compounds in development. That is why we are focused on evaluating this agent in an important area of unmet need. Together with the data generated to date, this agreement underscores the value of our program, and we look forward to executing on our shared vision."

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