Sensirion acquires AiSight

Sensirion Holding AG has agreed a takeover of the Berlin-based machine diagnosis start-up AiSight. In so doing, the sensor specialist is expanding its portfolio to include innovative vibration sensor technology. In addition to components, Sensirion will now be in a position to offer end-to-end services.

AiSight’s competencies complement the expertise gained by Sensirion in sensor technologies.
AiSight’s competencies complement the expertise gained by Sensirion in sensor technologies. Generic Image: mohamed Hassan/Pixabay

Sensirion has completed a takeover of AiSight GmbH. The Berlin-based start-up develops and sells plug-and-play solutions to monitor the status of industrial systems that also offer preventative maintenance suggestions. The company’s solutions are developed on the basis of vibration and temperature sensors in addition to data processing rooted in Artificial Intelligence (AI). AiSight was founded in 2018 and currently employs a total of 19 staff.

As detailed in a press release, this takeover will allow Sensirion to expand its product portfolio with the addition of new vibration sensor technologies. Moreover, the company will now additionally be in a position to offer both components and complete, end-to-end solutions and services. “I am thrilled with this transaction”, comments Matthias Auf der Mauer, co-founder and CEO of AiSight, in the press release, before adding: “Together with Sensirion, we can cover the whole value chain from sensors all the way through to complete machine diagnosis solutions, adding significant value to our products in the process”.

AiSight’s competencies in the fields of cloud technologies, data analysis and AI perfectly complement the expertise gained by Sensirion in sensor technologies, hardware development and production, as well as the company’s industrial B2B client base, the press release states. “Sensirion is delighted about this link-up, which supports our long-term growth strategy in several different ways”, explains Marc von Waldkirch, CEO of Sensirion.

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