Aquaforum : the Bernese research and training center to strengthen Switzerland’s aquaculture sector

The BFH-HAFL University of Agriculture and INFORAMA are launching Aquaforum, a competence center for aquaculture research, education and services.

Aquaforum im Zollikofen, in the canton of Bern
Aquaforum promotes the development of a sustainable aquaculture sector that prioritizes quality, local products and animal welfare.

In order to prepare domestic fish production for the years to come, the BFH-HAFL and INFORAMA have jointly founded the Aquaforum competence center. Its activities are divided into three areas : applied research, initial training and continuing education, consulting and services. Its objective is to promote a sustainable aquaculture sector, with emphasis on quality, regional production and animal well-being.

Changes in the food system are putting a strain on agriculture, especially livestock production. This means that agriculture must use resources more efficiently and close cycles to reduce its impact on the climate.

To achieve this, it is not only necessary to make use of new knowledge and technologies, but also to tap into existing potential. The domestic aquaculture sector is also well placed to capitalize on this potential, as the demand for Swiss fish is increasing.

Covering the entire knowledge spectrum, from research to practical application

A modern recirculation facility with aquaria has been commissioned at the INFORAMA Rütti site in Zollikofen, in the canton of Bern. It provides ideal conditions for applied research on core areas such as fish well-being, fish health and nutrition, fish feed, and production process optimization. The facility will also be used for basic and advanced training and will offer services to companies in the fish farming industry.

"Aqua forum is a new piece of the WIN Rütti puzzle, the future agricultural center for knowledge transfer and innovation," explains Kaspar Grünig, Deputy Director of INFORAMA. The focus will be placed on the efficient use of infrastructure and the exploitation of synergies : "We will cover the entire knowledge spectrum, from applied research to practical implementation, and thus enable a rapid exchange of knowledge."

Handbook for Investors

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