The Cleantech Team at S-GE: How They Can Help You Internationalise

In a short introduction, Michelle Frei, who supports the cleantech team in data quality, talks about her responsibilities and her motivation and passion for the cleantech topic. Learn about Michelle and the team's activities, focus and offerings. 

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Meet Michelle Frei

Since May 2021 I’m working at Switzerland Global Enterprise as support in the cleantech-team with David Avery and Patrick Bertschi. My responsibilities include the support of data quality in the field of export promotion. I’m working part time at S-GE and additionally I’m studying at the University of Zürich. My major is communication science and media research and my minor Sinology. I enjoy working in the cleantech-sector, among other things because the market in the domain of cleantech is constantly growing and becoming environmentally conscious gets more and more meaningful. Making choices in life which are environmentally friendly are not only important as an individual, but also for companies and therefore their behavior.

Cleantech with S-GE

As the official Swiss organization for export and investment promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise supports Swiss SMEs in their international business and helps foreign companies to establish in Switzerland. As a Swiss SME you can benefit from advices, personal consultation sessions, the official database CUBE and different events Switzerland Global Enterprise offers.

The CUBE is the official database for Swiss cleantech companies. The registration brings a lot of benefits to Swiss SMEs. As a registered Swiss SME you will receive information about the markets you are in or would like to target, as well as business opportunities from companies and foreign agencies looking for Swiss suppliers or partners. Furthermore you will get regular updates regarding business opportunities, information on companies and events. For more information about the CUBE database please visit this page

A lot of cleantech-events are going to take place soon, the variety of the topics being discussed is big. There will be events about smart cities, recycling and waste, renewable energy and urban regeneration. To find out more about these events, please visit our homepage or here.

Reach out

If there are any questions about the CUBE database, the registration process, an event or a general question regarding S-GE and the cleantech sector I would be more than happy to get in contact with you and answer your questions.

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