Abolition of industrial tariffs: Entry into force postponed

With its decision of 1 October, Parliament approved the abolition of industrial tariffs as well as the simplification of the tariff structure (19.076). The parliamentary decision was published in the Federal Gazette on 12 October 2021 (BBl 2021 2330). The bill is subject to an optional referendum. The referendum period runs until 20 January 2022.


According to the dispatch on the amendment to the Customs Tariff Act from 27 November 2019, it is up to the Federal Council to determine the date for the bill to enter into force. Such a date has not been set yet. Originally, the dispatch foresaw the date of entry into force on 1 January 2022, which is no longer possible due to the duration of the parliamentary consultations, which were only concluded in the autumn session of 2021, and the on-going referendum period. 

Provided that no referendum will be launched during the foreseen period, the Federal Council will decide on the date of entry into force by February 2022. In doing so, it intends to choose the date in such a way so that the amount of transitional costs for economic actors as well as the administration can be kept as low as possible and that all actors – both on the economic and on the official side – are given sufficient preparation time to make the necessary technical and organisational adjustments. 

Further information on the abolition of industrial tariffs can be found on the SECO website: Abolition of industrial tariffs


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