Ma Cher establishes European HQ in Switzerland

“Lured by mountains and incredible pool of Swiss talent”, sustainability-driven creative branding company Ma Cher has recently opened its European head office in the French-speaking canton of Vaud.

Panoramic view of Rochers-de-Naye
Ma Cher has cited the "fresh mountain air" among the key factors behind its investment decision.

A certified B Corp since 2014, Ma Cher partners with brands to design and manufacture products in ways that are more sustainable, less wasteful, and more purpose driven. To express it with their own witty tagline, they “make better things to make things better”, both for their clients – which operate in the fashion, beauty, e-commerce and travel industries – and the world. Already present in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, Ma Cher has recently selected the Swiss canton of Vaud as the destination for its European headquarters.

Unparalleled quality of life and talent pool

Ma Cher was “lured to Switzerland by the fresh mountain air, excellent transport links, and a host of existing clients”, as indicated in a press release. “Pretty much everyone here has heard about the B Corp movement. There’s real potential for greater collaboration, where businesses like ours can learn and spur others to do even more. There are a lot of brilliant minds here helping to find answers to crucial climate challenges. That is an exciting prospect for us,” said Ma Cher’s President, Derek Hydon, who is relocating to the canton of Vaud.

A red carpet welcome

Ma Cher has benefitted from the support of S-GE, GGBa and Innovaud throughout its investment journey. “When we first considered opening up a branch in Switzerland, we were afraid it would be complicated and involve costly lawyers, but during our initial contact with GGBa, they spelled out a clear roadmap for us and explained how it all works,” Hydon said in an interview with Innovaud. “Next, we got in touch with Innovaud, whose team has been remarkable. The level and scope of their guidance has been essential in getting us oriented. I’m a very detail-minded person, and Innovaud replied to my concerns at every step of the way. In the end we found that creating a business in Switzerland can actually be an easy thing to do, if you have the right support and intentions.”

Handbook for Investors

Our Handbook for Investors provides valuable information about technologies and production costs, taxes and financing, as well as the legal system and infrastructure in Switzerland. Browse through the complete handbook online or download the chapters most relevant to you.

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