DG Fuels relies on Energy Vault technology

The American company DG Fuels and Energy Vault from the Greater Zurich Area are working together. DG Fuels will use Energy Vault’s gravity energy storage solution to produce sustainable aviation fuel.

Energy Vault's hub storage power plants are now also to be used by DG Fuels.
Energy Vault's hub storage power plants are now also to be used by DG Fuels. Image Credit: Energy Vault

DG Fuels is building a system to manufacture synthetic aviation fuels with no CO2 emissions. The American company uses water electrolysis and biomass-derived carbon replacement fuel for this. Now, according to a press release, it has also decided to use an innovative energy storage technology developed by Energy Vault, a company based in the canton of Ticino.

Energy Vault’s technology involves an energy storage tower consisting of extremely heavy concrete blocks and cranes. Excess energy is used to lift these blocks in the air. The energy is then released again by the falling blocks when needed.

DG Fuels uses green electricity to manufacture its its synthetic fuels. The company plans to use Energy Vault’s solution to manage and use renewable energy in such a way that this corresponds to the demand for green fuel.

Within the partnership, Energy Vault will provide 1.6 gigawatt hours of energy storage capacity to support DG Fuels with several projects. The first project, using 500 megawatt hours, is set to take place in Louisiana. After that, projects are to follow in British Columbia and Ohio.

Robert Piconi, CEO and Co-Founder of Energy Vault, states: “Our energy storage systems are designed to maximize the use of local materials and stimulate local job creation, thus amplifying the sustainability benefits of DG Fuels’ deployment plans.”

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