Switzerland is the strongest brand in the world

Switzerland is the strongest nation brand in the world as shown by this year’s rankings by Brand Finance. The country is praised for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic among other things.

Switzerland is considered the strongest nation brand in the world, according to Brand Finance. Image credit: JonHoefer /Pixabay

The British consultancy firm Brand Finance has once again investigated the brand strengths of various nations in a report. Switzerland took first place with 83.3 points out of a possible 100. It has improved since last year, when it came in third.

Switzerland scores with soft power

The assessment of brand strength is based on data from Brand Finance’s Soft Power Index, among other things. This surveys 75,000 people in over 100 countries on the reputation of countries and their impact on the global stage. Countries that receive high overall assessments are particularly attractive for investments according to Brand Finance. Furthermore, they can market their brands and products more easily.

In addition to data from the Soft Power Index, the assessment of brand strength takes the political and economic stability of the individual nations into consideration. For example, the credit rating for long-term government bonds is analyzed for this. Switzerland has a rating of AAA- here, which is awarded to reliable, stable debtors.

High marks for coronavirus policy

According to Brand Finance, Switzerland’s coronavirus policy contributed to the country’s top position. During the pandemic, Switzerland implemented a mixture of obligatory and nonobligatory measures to quell the virus, which above all had a positive effect on the external perception of Switzerland.

CEO of Brand Finance David Haigh is quoted as saying: “Small size is no barrier to occupying a solid position for nation brand strength and Switzerland securing the top spot this year is the perfect example. Switzerland has held firm whilst other nations have faltered over the course of the pandemic.”

The strongest nation brand in the rankings behind Switzerland was Canada, followed by the Netherlands and Singapore. Last year’s winner, Germany, came in fifth place.

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