New features RELEASED in the “Cleantech CUBE”

New features are now available in the official Swiss cleantech database “Cleantech CUBE”

The Cleantech CUBE is the central platform for supporting Swiss Cleantech exporting companies and a core element of the cleantech mandate that S-GE manages on behalf of the Swiss Federal offices of Energy and Environment. It supports Swiss companies or associations that provide services or products in the cleantech sector by making them more visible to an international audience and offering supporting services via S-GE and its network. Registered Swiss SMEs benefit directly by receiving various information about events, information about the markets they are in or would like to target. 

New Cleantech CUBE

In quarter 4 this year 2022 a major update of the Cleantech CUBE has been launched and we would like to share information about this with you.

As a registered company in the CUBE one of the key new features is access to business opportunities from companies looking for Swiss partners or suppliers.

Log into your account to browse and search a list of new business opportunities. If your company is already registered but you don’t have access contact us via mail to

As ever the updated version of the official CUBE database allows foreign companies and authorities to search for you and find the right Swiss suppliers or partners.

By applying filters, it is possible to refine the search of the exporting companies in Switzerland and find the perfect match. Through this, registered companies also benefit from the official status given by the cleantech CUBE.

To get the most benefit from your registration we ask you:
•    to keep you data updated, 
•    to ensure the description really includes all the key words prospective customers might search for,
•    to update the list of countries where you are active,
•    to add the list  countries you are interested in. 

More: Another new feature on the CUBE-platform is the blog. In the blog section you can read about interesting upcoming events, about business opportunities, cleantech companies and associations.

The goal is to inform you about what is going on in the cleantech sector, let you know about events happening all over the world and expand your knowledge and horizon regarding cleantech-related topics. 

As a registered company in the database, Swiss SMEs get the chance to contact other companies working in the same sector and share information and experiences.

Get in touch with us to support you

Finally, your presence on the CUBE is just the start, contact us and let us talk about growing your cleantech business internationally!

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