Greater Zurich is becoming more and more attractive to high-tech executives

Highly qualified talent in high-tech can have their pick of international locations. The Greater Zurich Area is becoming more and more attractive thanks to leading tech ecosystems and best-in-class infrastructure. In addition, Switzerland’s safety and stability play a crucial role. This is according to the specialist executive search provider Miramar Global, which recently opened a new office in Zurich.

The Greater Zurich Area is popular among top talent.
The Greater Zurich Area is popular among top talent. Generic image: Pixabay

International studies have proven time and again that Switzerland is popular among top talent. It is currently number one in the IMD World Talent Rankings for the sixth time in a row. The market for the best high-tech professionals is extremely competitive. Ross Bailey, Co-Founder and CCO of the specialist executive search provider Miramar Global, states: “With subjects such as artificial intelligence or data sciences in general, the USA, India and China are significant talent pools for skilled workers.” There are also highly competitive talent hotspots in Europe - these include the Greater Zurich Area and regions around Berlin and London. Greater Zurich owes this status to its dynamic development. For example, it attracts innovative large companies to the region and startups grow to reach international sizes.

Talent pool in the Greater Zurich Area is outstanding

This dynamism is one of the reasons why Miramar Global opened its fourth branch in Zurich last summer, following branches in the UK, North America, and Singapore. Miramar Global already works with a range of globally active companies in Switzerland. Hana Skreta, who leads the Swiss business from the Zurich office, comments: “We focus on innovative companies, so Zurich was the perfect location due to its central location, the opportunity to work closely with local and international clients, and also due to the outstanding talent pool.”

Dynamism entices executives

Miramar is currently supporting a cryptocurrency company with unicorn status in settling in the Greater Zurich Area. In such a case, the successful executive hire will be made within six weeks of project commencement with Miramar. Naturally, the tax situation and salary are relevant during the search. However, Hana Skreta explains that these considerations are increasingly taking a back seat, not least in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Executives are increasingly enticed by living standards, especially in the event there is limited ability to travel.

In addition to its geographical location, Greater Zurich is particularly appealing due to its tech ecosystems with close links to renowned universities and its vibrant startup culture. Ross Bailey highlights this: “Many executives want to integrate into a dynamic community and give back through contributing to startups and grass roots STEM.”  

Diversity becoming a key factor

As such, it is essential when searching for executive roles that the company culture fits the candidate and an optimal match is found. Agility and internationality have long been fundamental requirements for both parties. Diversity is becoming increasingly important. According to Ross Bailey, the level of diversity in the high-tech sector surrounding highly innovative topics such as artificial intelligence is around 40 percent lower than the average. He adds: “However, this region is particularly interesting for skilled workers as there is already a high degree of diversity, plus the safety and infrastructure are world-class.” GZA is partnered with Miramar to advise organisations on identifying their Swiss leadership.

By Yvonne von Hunnius

This success story was first published by Greater Zurich Area Ltd (GZA).

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