Zurich ranked fourth for the best places to study worldwide

Zurich has been ranked in fourth place behind London, Munich and Seoul in terms of the world’s most popular university cities. This result is based on the latest QS Best Student Cities Ranking.

Zurich is one of the top four places to study in the world.
Zurich is one of the top four places to study in the world. Image credit: Ursula Meisser - Switzerland/UZH

Students have voted Zurich in fourth place overall for the best university locations from a list comprising 140 cities. According to a press release on the latest QS Best Student Cities Ranking for 2023 published in London, it is in fact London that has again claimed top spot. Munich and Seoul follow in joint-second place, having received the same score. The next-ranked city, Zurich, therefore takes fourth place, an improvement on its ranking of seventh in the previous year. The students interviewed for the global rankings placed Lausanne in 19th position. London received a score of 100 points, with Munich and Seoul each recording 95.1 points, and Zurich only marginally behind on 95 points. At 83.6 points, Lausanne was some way behind.  

Factors such as affordability, desirability and job prospects for graduates are taken into account for the assessment. In the QS publication, Zurich is described as one of the best cities in the world to work, with a good quality of life and excellent job prospects for graduates. The financial sector offers university graduates roles, although these are also available in areas such as engineering, media, health, trade, education and architecture. Overall, Zurich ranks sixth in terms of employer activity.

Although Zurich is ranked only 81st in terms of affordability this year, the high cost of living is offset by low tuition fees. For this aspect, Lausanne is ranked in 71st place.

According to QS, Zurich is ranked fourth globally in terms of desirability. The city is clean, safe and immaculately maintained, offering a quality of life that means Zurich regularly ranks as one of the world’s most liveable cities.

Switzerland is also known for its top-class education. This year, two Zurich universities featured in the global top 100: the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) and the University of Zurich (UZH). In the global rankings, ETH Zurich was ranked in ninth place, with UZH in 83rd.

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