Brauerei Locher and Authena protect whiskey against forgery

Brauerei Locher is launching a limited edition of its Säntis Malt whiskey to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The 60 bottles are protected via the blockchain as distinctive collectors’ pieces. This has all been made possible by technology from Zug startup Authena.

Martin Fuchs, painter: "Wunder-Wanderland Appenzell" in 60 parts. Image provided by STÖHLKER AG
Martin Fuchs, painter: "Wunder-Wanderland Appenzell" in 60 parts. Image provided by STÖHLKER AG

Brauerei Locher is offering 60 limited edition bottles of its Säntis Malt whiskey to mark its 60th anniversary. The Karl Locher’s 60th - Founder’s Anniversary Reserve has been maturing in beer barrels between 80 and 140 years old. It is made up of different distillates, including the first ever whiskeys made by Locher, as the brewery explains in a press release. The truly special feature is the non-fungible token attached to each bottle that contains the digital rights of an individual, original painting by Martin Fuchs. He vividly depicted the beauty of the four seasons in Appenzell in 60 different scenes. 

This link was created using technology from the Zug startup Authena. Each whiskey bottle buyer is physically dropped with a unique non-fungible token. Its authenticity can be established with a tap of their smartphone. If the bottle is opened and the NFT seal broken, a corresponding notification is sent at the next reading.  

“The concept for these limited edition whiskeys arose following a discussion with Authena about the innovative technical possibilities offered by NFT, securing real items with virtual images and creating codes that cannot be severed,” said Karl Locher, owner of Brauerei Locher and founder of the Säntis Malt, in the press release. Authena in turn highlights the protection against forgery: “Our blockchain-based technology in connection with digital-analogue seals means product forgeries are not scalable worldwide and therefore not profitable,” explained Authena’s CEO Matteo Panzavolta.

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