Calciscon enters Eurostars project to improve patient care worldwide

Calciscon, together with Amsterdam University Medical Centers and ADMESY, have signed a collaborative agreement for the development of a laboratory benchtop analyzer for the measurement of the T50 test.

Calciscon develops and commercializes the first and only diagnostic blood test for measuring calcification propensity in blood.
Calciscon develops and commercializes the first and only diagnostic blood test for measuring calcification propensity in blood.

Calciscon developed the T50 Calcification Propensity test, the first blood test to assess the ageing of the vascular system and best-in-class measurement for calcification-related cardiovascular risk. The primary use of T50 is to revolutionize the treatment of patients suffering from chronic kidney disease, with the potential to significantly reduce their cardiovascular burden. The test has undergone multiple clinical validation studies with more than 20,000 participants.

T50 is currently available throughout Switzerland thanks to agreements with Inselspital, Dr Risch Laboratories and Synlab. Aiming at end-stage kidney disease patients undergoing dialysis, the start-up will first launch in Switzerland and the Netherlands before expanding to other European countries, following its reimbursement strategy. Discussions with strategic partners for a US launch are also underway.

A EUR 2 million project with Eurostars

Calciscon, Amsterdam University Medical Centers and ADMESY have joined forces to form the CALPROTECT consortium. They will combine their excellence in calcification in vitro diagnostics (Calciscon), in-depth know-how on optical detection systems (Admesy) and world-renown expertise in clinical chemistry and nephrology research (Amsterdam UMC) in a EUR 2M project funded by Eurostars.

The consortium will develop a T50 analyzer to allow clinical laboratories worldwide to easily measure calcification propensity (T50) in blood. “Having the availability of T50 testing in clinical practice will improve identifying those people treated by dialysis at highest risk, while its serial measurements make it possible to personalize treatment and hold promise to improve their outcomes”, said Prof. Dr Marc Vervloet, Nephrologist at Amsterdam UMC. Admesy will develop a novel op­tical detection strategy for the detection of the calcified nanoparticles.

Based in Biel/Bienne (canton of Bern), Calciscon will lead the integration of the technology into an IVD-grade analyzer that will be tested in clinical settings at Amsterdam UMC.

“This exciting development project is instrumental for bringing T50 to treating physicians worldwide to improve patient care”, concluded Vincent Linder, CEO of Calciscon.

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