Bühler opens Energy Center for employee learning

Bühler has opened the Bühler Energy Center on its campus in Uzwil, in the canton of St.Gallen. The technology group will use the new building to offer innovative learning opportunities and a space for employees to recharge. The aim is to equip staff to face growing challenges in the world of work.

The apprentice workshop of polymechanics, where the craft of turning, milling, drilling and assembling is learned.
The apprentice workshop of polymechanics, where the craft of turning, milling, drilling and assembling is learned. Image credit: Bühler

Bühler has officially opened its Bühler Energy Center. This newly created space completes the Uzwil innovation campus and Cubic innovation center, which was opened in 2019. According to a press release, Bühler is investing “in a healthy cycle, because if its employees are doing well, the company is doing well.”

The personal wellbeing of employees is becoming increasingly important as companies face growing demands. “Positive energy and knowledge are crucial resources and form the basis for wellbeing, performance, and resilience,” says the press release. The Energy Center was designed to prepare the company for the challenges of the future. It will focus on forward-looking areas such as health management, vocational and adult education, prototyping and production.  

Employees will receive support with self-directed learning and personal wellbeing. They will be encouraged to “Mach di fit!” (Get fit!), equipping themselves to cope with the “complex and dynamic demands” of professional and personal life. The Energy Center will also be available to other groups. It has been built “for our employees – young and old – as well as for the employees of our partners, as well as our customers,” says Stefan Scheiber, CEO of the Bühler Group. 

Construction work on the Energy Center began in 2021. The methods used were designed to conserve resources and be as sustainable as possible. They included “the reuse of concrete from the previous building and the use of low-CO2 cement,” explains Elvis Pidic, architect and Head of Corporate Real Estate Management at Bühler.

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