Genedata expanding its user network

The Japanese biopharmaceutical firm Ajinomoto is to use the Genedata solution to accelerate its drug development processes at its site in South Korea as well. The location in China is set to follow suit in due course. Other pharmaceutical firms are also increasingly turning to the IT solution developed in Basel.

Ajinomoto uses Genedata's solution to optimize cell culture media development, among other things.
Ajinomoto uses Genedata's solution to optimize cell culture media development, among other things. Generiv image: Chokniti Khongchum/Pixabay

Ajinomoto is to integrate Genedata Bioprocess at its research and development locations in Japan and South Korea. The Japanese biopharmaceutical firm is using the solution developed by the Basel-based IT company Genedata, which specializes in the life sciences sector, as a central data backbone to streamline cell culture media development and production operations, including in regulated environments, further details of which can be found in a press release issued by Genedata.

Ajinomoto has been using Genedata Bioprocess in Japan for around a year now. “The platform integrates with our existing laboratory instrumentation, allowing us to evaluate huge volumes of cell culture media development data at a level of complexity that was previously unimaginable”, comments Hiroyuki Mise, General Manager Biopharma Solutions Group, Amino Acids Department at Ajinomoto, in the press release. Use of the solution is now being expanded to the teams in South Korea to facilitate cross-site projects. There are also plans to include the company’s location in China in the future.

It was only in May that Debiopharm decided to use the Genedata Profiler. It allows the Lausanne-based pharmaceutical firm to quickly convert scientific findings into therapeutic products, thereby improving the success of clinical trials. In December, Genedata announced that Icosagen Cell Factory in Estonia would be using Genedata Biologics to digitize and automate its recombinant antibody discovery services. In October 2022, the French firm Sanofi also opted to use Genedata Biologics at additional research and development sites.

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