Innovation hub to be built in Oberthurgau

Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences is creating a “Maker Space” on the premises of ZIK in conjunction with the Oberthurgau region. The innovation hub will offer both business workshops and courses for young people.

The Maker Space on the former Saurer and now ZIK site in Arbon aims to network companies and organizations in the Oberthurgau region.
The Maker Space on the former Saurer and now ZIK site in Arbon aims to network companies and organizations in the Oberthurgau region. Image provied by OST - University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland

On the former Saurer site, where the premises of ZIK are today located in Arbon in the canton of Thurgau, a “Maker Space” is being established with the support of the IDEE Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering from OST - Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. The innovation hub, known as ZIKpunkt, will offer businesses the opportunity to directly apply the latest methods, further details of which can be found in a press release. Moreover, schools and groups of young people are to be involved, with suitable teaching programs coordinated in tandem with educational institutes across the region.

The project aims to combine the functions of living, working and leisure time with innovative digital workplaces, with the result that emerging talents and younger specialists can strengthen their future prospects in the Oberthurgau region. In addition to OST, the canton of Thurgau also is also supporting ZIKpunkt within the framework of the new regional policy, the Oberthurgau region, the city of Arbon and ZIK Immo AG.

“ZIKpunkt connects companies and organizations in the Oberthurgau region for the joint aim of strengthening economic power, combating “brain drain” migration and the shortage of skilled workers, in addition to jointly launching innovative projects focused on the three dimensions of society, organization and the individual”, comments Gilbert Piaser, Managing Director of Region Oberthurgau AG and project partner of ZIKpunkt, in the press release.

“As a Maker Space on the shores of Lake Constance, ZIKpunkt brings the latest creative and innovation methods directly to businesses and administrative bodies”, explains OST Professor Thomas Utz, before adding: “Through the methodical support of our institute, regional firms and administrative bodies receive direct access. ZIKpunkt’s mission is not consulting, but rather implementing innovations”. 

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