Alcon inaugurates its global headquarters in Geneva

Renowned eye care specialist Alcon celebrated the opening of its global headquarters in Geneva this week, a move delayed by three years due to the pandemic.

The inauguration marked a significant milestone in the company's journey since its separation from Novartis in 2019.
The inauguration marked a significant milestone in the company's journey since its separation from Novartis in 2019.

Alcon, a world leader in ophthalmic care, has carved out a distinct position in the development and sales of ocular products, including contact lenses, eye care solutions, intraocular implants, and surgical equipment. The company also boasts an impressive research and development (R&D) department, evident in the groundbreaking innovations it continues to introduce to the market.

The Geneva headquarters, located near the airport, will be central to administrative activities and all medical operations, including liaising with hospitals that use Alcon’s surgical equipment. According to Franck Leveiller, the head of scientific research at Alcon, the company chose Geneva for its business-friendly environment, robust innovation spirit, and access to top talent and universities. “We are thrilled to be here in Geneva. Its dynamism and innovative spirit align perfectly with our vision at Alcon,” said Leveiller.

Alcon employs about 620 people across Switzerland, with operations in the cantons of Fribourg, Geneva, Schaffhausen, and Zug. Alcon maintains workshops that manufacture retinal surgery instruments for the global market and conducts extensive R&D activities.

Speaking of Alcon’s commitment to innovation, Leveiller pointed out the company’s substantial investment in R&D, highlighting the USD 702 million allocated in 2022, outpacing its major competitors. The firm’s R&D department, with around 1,600 employees, is crucial to its DNA, fostering the development of 60 new products since 2018.

Despite being an independent entity for just a few years, Alcon has established itself as a global leader in the eye care industry. The company continues to explore breakthroughs in various areas such as micro-drainage systems for glaucoma patients, cornea regeneration therapy, and advancements in robotic surgery.

“Alcon must be the group of choice for a young researcher wanting to make a difference in the field of ocular care,” Leveiller said. The opening of Alcon’s global headquarters in Geneva underscores this commitment to innovation, growth, and excellence in eye care.

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