INOS expands SME support offering

The Eastern Switzerland Innovation Network (INOS) is expanding its range of financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Three new platforms focused on issues such as plastics, supply chains and the circular economy are now being offered. In this context, SMEs will have the opportunity to exchange views and ideas with experts and other businesses.

With the new platforms, INOS promotes cross-company innovations in SMEs in Eastern Switzerland. Image provided by INOS
With the new platforms, INOS promotes cross-company innovations in SMEs in Eastern Switzerland. Image provided by INOS

The Eastern Switzerland Innovation Network (Innovationsnetzwerk Ostschweiz - INOS) is ramping up its commitment to supporting SMEs based in Eastern Switzerland in their efforts to innovate. To this end, the innovation network of the cantons located in Eastern Switzerland, which is supported by the Federal Council, the Swiss federal government, has developed three new innovation platforms. These are intended to offer SMEs in Eastern Switzerland the opportunity to “network with industry leaders, experts and research institutes and to realize innovation on the basis of cooperation”, as Lukas Budde, Managing Director of INOS, comments in a press release issued by the innovation network.

One of the new platforms is dedicated to optimizing supply chains. In this context, SMEs are supported in the application of digital technologies and smart use of data. The aim is threefold: to increase the efficiency, robustness and transparency of the supply chains all at the same time.

The other two platforms are focused on the promotion of sustainability. The platform entitled “Plastics Technology meets Sustainability” supports SMEs operating in this industry in efforts to develop future-proof and sustainable products and processes. This is also intended to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs.

For its part, the Circular Economy platform is designed to help SMEs to develop and implement circular innovations. The focus here is on new business models to successfully assist the transition towards a circular economy. The platform is led by Olaf Holstein, President of Next Generations, an association seeking to implement an economy that meets the needs of future generations. INOS offers detailed information about the three platforms on its website. 

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