Xer Technologies and LINIA join forces

The drone manufacturer Xer Technologies and LINIA are collaborating to inspect power lines from the air. LINIA's flight route software for image and data acquisition has been seamlessly integrated into Xer’s platform for the long-range X8 drones.

X8 drone inspecting high-voltage power lines. Image credit: Xer Technologies
X8 drone inspecting high-voltage power lines. Image credit: Xer Technologies

The drone manufacturer Xer Technologies from Dietikon in the canton of Zurich is working with the Zurich-based start-up LINIA in the realm of automated inspections of long-distance power lines from the air, according to a statement. LINIA's flight route software has been seamlessly integrated into the X8 drone platform.

Thanks to its hybrid-electric drive, the drone has an operating time of 2.5 hours. This is significantly longer than battery-powered drones, according to Xer, and could quadruple the number of transmission pylons inspected each day. In a single flight, the X8 drone can capture high-resolution images of 30 to 75 electricity pylons using the LINIA software. At the same time, high-quality observations, detailed documentation and timely repairs contribute to improved asset management and result in long-term cost savings for electricity grid operators, writes the company. 

“The Xer X8 stands out by enabling significantly longer flights compared to traditional multicopter drones, all while carrying cutting-edge camera equipment,” comments Lorenzo Arizzoli-Bulato, Managing Director of LINIA, in the statement. “Ultimately, more airborne time translates to inspecting more power lines.”

Xer Technologies Sales Manager Gökmen Çetin highlights the energy industry's swift transition to drone-based inspections and the benefits of the collaborative solution for grid operators. He says that it “presents opportunities for cost savings and heightened data quality. We are impressed by the LINIAair solution and the competence of the team behind it.” 

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