Nouscom receives additional funding for cancer vaccines

Nouscom has received an investment totalling 7 million euros from the Italian venture capital firm Angelini Ventures. The Basel-based biotech company will use the funding to advance the development of its cancer vaccines. In the autumn, it secured 67.5 million euros for the innovation.

Nouscom intends to use the funds to advance the clinical development of neoantigen cancer vaccines.
Nouscom intends to use the funds to advance the clinical development of neoantigen cancer vaccines. Generic image: DoroT Schenk/Pixabay

The Basel-based biotech company Nouscom has received funding totalling 7 million euros, announced a statement. The investment was made by Angelini Ventures, the venture capital arm of the Italian Angelini Group, which specializes in pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, mechanical engineering and viticulture, Nouscom is developing standardized and personalized cancer vaccines based on viral vectors that target neoantigens. The new funds will enable the company to drive forward the clinical development of its vaccines.The ongoing Phase 2 trial for NOUS-209, a vaccine for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer, is one area of focus. The company also aims to complete a phase 1b trial for cancer prophylaxis in carriers of Lynch syndrome.

In autumn 2023, Nouscom raised 67.5 million euros for the development of its cancer vaccines as part of a Series C financing. The main investors included Andera PartnersInnoBio 2 Fund and M Ventures.

“We are thrilled to extend our Series C financing round and welcome Angelini Ventures aboard,” Marina Udie, CEO of Nouscom, is quoted as saying. “Their partnership underscores our dedication to innovation and accelerates our pursuit of groundbreaking cancer treatments.” 

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