2HS AG launches platform for graphene products

2HS AG has launched the one-graphene platform, where the startup specializing in graphene nanoelectrics offers synthetic single-crystalline CVD graphene films.

2HS AG has launched the one-graphene platform. Image credit: 2HS AG
2HS AG has launched the one-graphene platform. Image credit: 2HS AG

2HS AG has launched its own e-commerce platform for graphene products. The startup from Schaffhausen specializes in graphene nanoelectrics and will use one-graphene to provide its own services as well as distribute graphene products from other companies. The aim is to commercialize synthetic single-crystalline graphene films. To achieve this, 2HS is working with the Beijing Graphene Institute in China, among others.

Kishan Thodkar, CEO of 2HS AG, commented in a corresponding press release from the company: “Global interest in developing new, advanced nanoelectric sensor solutions with minimal energy consumption using graphene has increased over the past two decades. The new access to single-crystalline CVD graphene layers as a result of our international collaboration shows our commitment to expediting international development in this area and its advancement in Europe.” The offering on one-graphene ranges from CVD graphene films and CVD graphene in wafers, sheets, and grids to transmission electron microscopes and integration services for graphene technologies. 

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