Africa on the Rise: the driving factors

The economic upturn on the continent of Africa is due to many factors. A talk on growth drivers in Africa and how Swiss companies can benefit from them.


The author, Amaechi Ndili, entrepreneur from Nigeria and one of the speakers at the Africa Business Day organised by S-GE, opens his six-page talk 'Africa on the Rise' with

  • 12 (not so obvious) factors on African economic development which shed an alternative, cliché-free light on the continent.

Other subjects are:

  • the rapid increase in consumer potential thanks to the rising middle class. Since 2000, the volume has grown by USD 512 billion. And this increase will continue to accelerate, all the more so since by 2020 a good half of the population will enjoy an attractive level of income.
  • the major 'catch up need' in infrastructure. Particularly in transportation infrastructure and energy provision, wide-ranging enlargements and improvements are indispensable in order to make the economic upturn sustainable.
  • the most economically promising regions and the four different faces of Africa: subdivided in terms of diversified economies (for example South Africa, Tunisia or Botswana), countries rich in raw materials (Nigeria, Gabon or Angola), nations undergoing transformation (Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania) and countries in the pre-transitional phase (Sierra Leone, Ethiopia or Uganda)
  • success factors for Swiss companies wanting to get a foothold in the African market: the prime factors are the search for a suitable partner and intercultural values.

Africa on the Rise

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