Artificial and human intelligence converge

4th-IR couples human and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Headquartered in Meggen, Canton Lucerne, this company’s innovative service leverages aritficial intelligence to deliver practical and innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.

Human and artificial intelligence combined
Human and artificial intelligence combined

“Image recognition based on artificial intelligence, combined with a smart machine or software, can recognize far more details on a biopsy image than the human eye. It means that by using artificial intelligence, we can support doctors in their work. This is a typical example of what we do,” said Frank Luijckx, CEO of 4th-IR.

The range of technologies for artificial intelligence is increasing almost daily. Google, Watson, IBM and Microsoft are no longer alone. Hundreds of small suppliers are now crowding into the market to complete a robust AI ecosystem. 4th-IR sees itself as the integrator of AI companies.  As Frank Luijckx explains, the 4th-IR company brings suppliers and customers together. “It’s almost like we’re building bridges. We use the building blocks available and adapt them to hospitals and laboratories. We integrate any missing elements ourselves.”

The company was formed in April 2017 by Frank Luijckx together with partners from Germany and the USA. Although this startup is in its infancy, the company has already achieved success.  A contract was recently signed with an association of cancer hospitals in the USA for future cooperation. “We can exploit our strengths with this project. We offer customers a technology that is precisely tailored to their needs,” explains Frank Luijckx. “The 4th-IR team develops solutions from “open source” learning algorithms and preconfigured programming frameworks that provide huge benefits for hospitals or laboratories.”


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