BASF expands in Monthey, Switzerland

On June 1st, the German chemical group BASF inaugurated its newest extension, a building dedicated to optimizing optical brighteners.

BASF Monthey site
© Photo de presse BASF

BASF has reinforced its site in Monthey in the canton of Valais which already has 300 employees, by providing new installations such as drying and conditioning amenities that contribute to the production of optical brighteners. The processes that treat these chemical agents are now simpler, faster and consume less energy since the heat provided by the drying process is preserved and recoverable, therefore optimizing production. For its site in Monthey, the German group invested more than 10 million francs.

Dr. Jens Heimann, BASFs Director Manufacturing Europe and Industrial solutions, states in a press release that, “[t]hanks to the expansion of the production facilities and the building for optical brighteners, we can continue to optimize our production processes and respond to the strong demand of our customers for our high quality products”.

Valais, an important site for technologically advanced companies

The Monthey site of BASF is an important production center for the German company. The location was well-thought as the canton of Valais is filled with state-of-the-art technology companies that contribute to its diversification. Valais disposes of many sites that valorize development in various domains : chemistry, health care, phytopharmacy, biotechnology and cosmetics.

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