Safe Cities Index 2015: Best Results for Zurich

According to the Safe Cities Index 2015, issued by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Zurich is the third most secure city in Europe. On a global level, the only Swiss city on the ranking, scores a good place 7.

Zurich receives best marks in terms of health and infrastructure. In both categories Switzerland’s biggest city secured the first place. Zurich is also one of the few places, in which the population feels as safe and secure as the city is ranked. As opposed to New Yorkers for instance, who perceive their city as less safe than the ranking does (31. vs 10. place).

The Safe Cities Index 2015 is based on over 40 quantitative and qualitative indicators, split across four categories:

Digital security measures a city’s digital security based on factors such as dedicated cyber security teams (input) and the frequency of identity theft (output).

Health security measures a city’s health security based on factors such as the ratio of hospital beds to population size (input) and life expectancy (output).

Infrastructure safety measures the safety of a city’s infrastructure, based on factors such as the quality of its roads (input) and the number of deaths from natural disasters (output).

Personal safety measures the more traditional aspects of a city’s safety in terms of its levels of crime and illegal activity, relying on factors such as the level of police engagement (input) and the prevalence of violent crime (output).

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