Blockchain startups to get workspace in Zug

Lakeside Partners, Blockhaus and MME are opening Crypto Valley Labs in Zug, an innovative shared office space for blockchain startups using a token-based payment system. The initiators are planning similar hubs around the world.

Image Credit: V-Zug/ Wikimedia Commons

Crypto Valley Labs is due to open its doors this year, offering a new home for blockchain startups in the centre of the city of Zug. The shared office will also be open to companies from other industries interested in gaining access to blockchain firms. For example, they can run support programmes or temporarily outsource internal innovation teams. The services of Crypto Valley Labs can be paid with Crypto Valley Lab tokens.  

A few startups, including Grunder RechtsanwälteFineac Treuhand and Brand Leadership Circle, have already registered for office space, according to a report.

The project was initiated by Lakeside Partners, a group of companies that invest in early-stage firms, the blockchain company Blockhaus, and the cryptocurrency-specialized team from the consulting firm MME. Founding members include the blockchain companies Singular DTVBancorMelonport and Etherisc

“The new workspaces will reinforce the appeal of Switzerland as a hub for innovative projects and companies,” according to a statement. But the initiators are not interested in limiting themselves to a single hub in Zug – they plan to build similar labs around the world, allowing blockchain companies to better network with each other.

“Our labs combine tried-and-tested co-working models with the advantages of blockchain and crypto technology,” said Mathias Ruch, manager partner at Lakeside Partners. “Talented teams can be found all over the world, but ideas are only implemented and realized when a mutual exchange takes place. An ecosystem is needed for great things to arise.”

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