Bühler contributes to innovative automotive battery

Lishen and Bühler have collaborated to open a new battery plant in Suzhou. Thanks to Bühler’s technology, it should be possible to increase the range of electric vehicles by one third.

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Bühler’s technology increases the range of electric vehicles. (image credit: Bühler)

Bühler has been collaborating with the Chinese battery manufacturer Lishen since 2010, and it describes the new battery plant with four industrial-scale production lines for battery slurry as a “key milestone” in their long-standing cooperation. 

Bühler developed a unique mixing process for the plant, which is expected to significantly increase the quality and performance of the batteries. The new generation of cells is expected to increase the range of electric vehicles by one third, while at the same time simplifying production at a lower cost. 

At the inauguration ceremony, the company from the St.GallenBodenseeArea was named Best Equipment Supplier by Lishen. Samuel Schäar, CEO of Bühler’s Advanced Materials business, accepted the award and said: “The success of the Lishen Suzhou project is only the start of our journey. We seek a win-win cooperation and continued joint developer.” 

Lishen plans to expand the capacity of the new battery plant from the current 4 gigawatt hours (GWh) to 15 GWh, sufficient to produce 300,000 car batteries. By opening two more battery factories and extending existing ones in the future, Lishen hopes to achieve a combined annual capacity of 40 GWh.

“With our innovative power and new technologies, we are confident to benefit greatly from this market development,” said Schär.

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