Call for tender planned for renewable energies in Spain

Over the past year, Spain has moved towards public calls for tender in the energy sector, thus complying with the plans of the European Commission. A large-scale call for bids for 3,000 MW of capacity from wind power, photovoltaics, biomass and biogas is now planned for 2017.
Two laboratory technicians examine a photovoltaic module.
Switzerland is carrying out research into the production of renewable energies, for example in the PV laboratory of EPFL.

Swiss cleantech SMEs in demand

Spain had previously issued a major call for bids for the expansion of renewable energies, in which small and medium-sized companies were among the successful applicants, in 2016.

In 2013 Spain's market for renewable energies virtually came to a standstill as the result of a nationally stipulated feed-in price that created an enormous deficit, but it has now been given a new lease of life with the shift to public calls for tender under competitive criteria.

The tender process planned for 2017 is directed at companies operating in the areas of wind power, photovoltaics, biomass and biogas.

Spain is viewed as a pioneer in renewable energies

Renewable energies account for around 41% of Spanish power generation, which is above the EU average. The percentage of gross final energy consumption from renewable energies was previously around 16.2%, which again puts Spain slightly above the EU average of 16%. This proportion is set to increase to 20% by 2020.

Country consultation for Spain in February 2017 (also available in English)

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