Compensating disadvantages with digital technologies

The Swiss location has considerable disadvantages compared internationally in terms of production costs. New technologies are an important means of countering Swiss locational disadvantages, with digitization playing a major role here.
Engineer using digital tablet by production line in factory, close up
Digitization : new challenges and options for Swiss SMEs.

The abandonment of the EUR/CHF minimum exchange rate on 15 January 2015 refueled the debate about the future of Switzerland as an industrial and business location. However, this location discussion is not just taking place in Switzerland. Many developed countries have for some time seen their economies threatened by up-and-coming emerging markets. Among other things, state-of-the-art digital technologies and Industry 4.0 are being hailed as universal remedies against this threat, particularly by politicians and scientists. In view of this, as well as questions about the significance of various success factors and their influence on corporate success, we also asked the survey participants questions about the disadvantages of the Swiss location compared with abroad and possible solution approaches, as we believe that these discussions ought not only to be conducted among politicians and scientists, but, with over 99% of all companies in Switzerland SMEs, primarily among the latter.

Credit Suisse: Digitalisierung als Chance für KMU (in German)

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