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On course for expansion with sunglasses

Nobody in Europe buys more sunglasses than the Italians. With INVU, the Swiss Eyewear Group has been wowing the Italian “impulse buyer segment” (under 80 francs purchase price) since 2014. A market specific children's range with “zoomed down” adult glasses helped to open doors.
Successful in the impulse buyer segment In Italy it's all or nothing. If you want to do business with sunglasses you have to conquer the «bel paese». Nobody in Europe buys more sunglasses than our southern neighbors. «They are also the fashion trendsetters,» says Jerry Dreifuss, CEO of Swiss Eyewear Group. INVU is the name of the brand with which Swiss Eyewear has been wowing the typical «impulse-buyer segment» – under 80 francs purchase price - in Italy since January 2014. A market-specific children's range with «zoomed down» adult glasses helped to open doors. The company now achieves 35 percent of its sales in Italy. And not only there: In just two years the start-up has sold 1.5 million pairs of glasses in 60 countries worldwide. But for global positioning in a saturated market, Italy was «of key importance», says Dreifuss.   Winning people over with quality and innovation INVU relies on the combination of the latest glass technology with ultra-polarization, fashionable design and the best price-performance ratio in its segment. Design, development and quality control are promoted under the Swissness label. Swiss Eyewear specifically opened a branch in Varese for its market entry in Italy. This was followed by the «knocking on doors», as CEO Jerry Dreifuss calls it. Opticians need to be personally persuaded of benefits of new products. There is no other way. For that reason the Zurich-based company has invested in a new type of LCD display, which impressively demonstrates the ultra-polarization of the lenses at the point of sale. Dealers and customers alike were impressed.   Setting our sights on the USA Italy's sunglasses market has its peculiarities. Fluctuating fashions require regular new product launches. Thanks to widely varied sources of finance – including a factoring agreement with a major Swiss bank – the Swiss Eyewear Group has the necessary flexibility to deal with that. In the meantime the company has 20 permanent employees and 9 agents. And now it is aiming at the next market, the USA, which is to become the land of limitless opportunities for the Swiss Eyewear Group, too.

For global positioning in a saturated market,
Italy was of key importance.

Jerry Dreifuss, Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG



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