E-mail for binding customs tariff information

The Swiss customs administration issues binding tariff information on written request. To submit a request, a questionnaire that can only be sent via e-mail must be filled out.

Tariff information can be obtained from the customs administration via e-mail

Anyone who wants tariff information must submit the following details to the customs administration:

  • Description of the goods with details of type and properties
  • Description of the packaging
  • Description of the purpose of use
  • Composition (for goods made up of various materials, proportions by weight of the individual components)
  • Internet links
  • Specialist literature
  • Catalogs
  • Photos with high resolution
  • Plans and other relevant documents

Samples or patterns of the goods do not need to be sent in addition unless they are directly requested, as the Federal Customs Administration has indicated.  
The relevant information from the customs administration is based on the legal framework of the Customs Legislation and the Customs Ordinance. Inquiries generally receive a response within 40 days.

If you require support when exporting your goods, the consultants at S-GE will be happy to help you.



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