Export Digital: from export strategy to online marketing

A comprehensive online platform featuring digital tools and practical know-how regarding exporting: this is the focal point of an initiative by Google Switzerland and Switzerland Global Enterprise.

The aim of the Export Digital platform is to show Swiss SMEs how to enter attractive export markets and thus open up opportunities for growth. An individual learning path is created by means of almost 100 video tutorials regarding online marketing and export issues, and takes entrepreneurs step-by-step through the key points of acquiring customers abroad.

“Digital tools are paving the way to international growth, particularly for SMEs,” stresses Daniel Küng, CEO of S-GE, “SMEs are benefiting from the simplicity of online tools. They also offer them added value when it comes to developing distant markets, since many of the tools can be used all over the world directly from Swiss desks. And it is more important than ever for exporters to tackle distant markets following the currency crisis.”

Changes in the global economy

Two-thirds of the global middle class will live in Asia by 2030, according to a study conducted by PwC on behalf of S-GE. The growing prosperity is also resulting in increased demand, particularly for high-quality products. And it is precisely for its high standards of quality that Switzerland is known abroad. Patrick Warnking, CEO of Google Switzerland, adds: “Companies have completely new opportunities via Export Digital: the chance to find new customers in existing and new markets, better service and increased dialogue with customers. All company managers and businesses should prioritize the subject of digital transformation on their agenda for 2016.”

Nevertheless, exporting is not child’s play

After all, more than 2 billion people around the world are at present already online, underlining the necessity of being equipped for the digital transformation. The aim of the Export Digital online platform is to impart precisely the knowledge required for this: digital tools are helping companies to analyze the demand for their own products in potential target markets and to appreciate customer potential and are even used for online marketing and E-commerce sales. “Nevertheless, digital tools should be viewed as part of an overall strategy. In addition to digital channels, a good network of partners and distribution channels are also required in the target market. In addition, cultural and regulatory differences should not be underestimated either. Entering a market remains a complicated undertaking,” stresses Daniel Küng.

The platform therefore also provides training and advice which are intended to give Swiss SMEs an understanding of the subject of exporting and of using online marketing tools. The platform also features the sales markets locator to facilitate the initial entry into a market. Entrepreneurs can therefore scan Google Searches for its products globally at the click of the mouse. The results also display the prices for AdWords campaigns, providing an initial impression of the competition in the targeted market.


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