Turkey: Export opportunities for Swiss SMEs in different sectors

Turkey’s rapid growth is an opportunity for Swiss companies. The country is upgrading in sectors including transportation, defense, healthcare and new technology and information systems.

Doors are opening for Swiss companies in Turkey

Urbanization in Turkey is growing rapidly. Every year, over 600,000 houses are built. By 2023, 7.5 million new ones will be needed. Linked to this large demand, Turkey will also be investing in energy and transportation infrastructure. For Swiss SMEs, this development results in export opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Traffic management (intelligent light systems, cameras…)
  • Big data and cloud solutions (centralized platforms for all applications)
  • Prevention of water loss
  • Waste management
  • Ecological construction
  • Safety of the population (safety on the internet, facial recognition...)
  • Infrastructure for persons with disabilities
  • Healthcare (medications, medical equipment, biotechnology, prevention...)

Foreign investors are more than welcome in Turkey and can contribute their know-how. Swiss SMEs should above all enter the Turkish market through partnerships, since large Turkish companies can often assert themselves in public tenders involving local authorities. 

In addition to investment in infrastructure, Turkey also wants to develop health tourism. Turkey wants to offer high-quality services. This can open doors for Swiss SMEs, such as in the sectors of medication, medical equipment, biotechnology, e-health and prevention. 

You can find more information about Turkey’s development and export opportunities for Swiss SMEs in the report in the download area. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our consultar or the Swiss Business Hub in Turkey



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