Fehmarnbelt Tunnel: Beginning of construction 2020?

The principal agreements for the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel have been signed. Now all that's left is for the German authorities to confirm plans and to handle the last few complaints against the project. Construction could then begin in 2020.
Tunneling machine.
Tunneling machine: Soon to be in operation in the Fehmarnbelt.

There are very few obstacles left facing the preparation and construction of the Fehmarn crossing between Denmark and Germany, and companies in search of orders are queuing up at the offices of awarding authority Femern A/S. Suppliers can consult the Femern A/S website to find comprehensive information about the project and the conditions and requirements for consideration as a contractor, as well as to apply as a potential candidate.

German-Danish Chamber of Commerce: Fehmarnbelt Crossing – Waiting on German confirmation of plans

Femern A/S: The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

Femern: Orders for suppliers

Country consultation Germany (various dates in September, November and December)

Country consultation Nordics (27 to 28 September)

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